Help for Young Adults With Asperger’s

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Many people wonder why young adults with Asperger’s often struggle when it is time to transition to adulthood and independent living.  Is it due to difficulties in the social world? Rigid thinking style? Challenges with day-to-day independent living skills? At OPI, we believe that it is a combination of all three. We have been successful…

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How Does Your Family React to Your Diagnosis of Asperger’s?  

Family Reaction to Asperger's

If you have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, you are probably very intelligent, feel calmer when rules are followed, find it exhausting to interact socially, and excel in mathematics, music, science, and/or computer programming. You may have been told as a child that you acted like a “little adult” or were called a “geek” for…

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Autism Child Math Prodigy

60 minutes

One of the most famous things that the general public knows about Autism is that occasional ability it has to manifest what seems to be super-power knowledge. While, obviously, not all Autism cases present themselves with such traits, it is known to happen and Hollywood has been quite liberal at using this to tell some…

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Autism in Girls

Girls with Autism

Just like diagnosing Borderline Personality Disorder has a heavy skew towards females, Autism has a very heavy male diagnosis tendency. Whenever a disorder, or even disease, has a diagnosis bias it often becomes quite difficult for people who don’t fit into the classic box to cope with their newfound diagnosis. We found a great piece…

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5 Facts About Autism

5 Facts

We’re trying to do our part here at OPI to help spread awareness about Autism. Sometimes it’s good to just have a few facts in your back-pocket about certain things. In addition to being great pieces of trivia, little bite-sized information on disorders like autism are a lot easier to retain then an entire dissertation…

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Having an Older Brother with Autism

brother with autism

Continuing our efforts to help promote autistic awareness month, we thought it was important to separate from the facts and figures that can surround the disorder and look at a real-life human story that we can connect to on an emotional level. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the data and statistics about…

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Ted talk on Autism

autism ted talk

Austism, for the most part is shrouded in mystery. Being a new disorder has many challenges and during Autistic awareness month we thought it would be appropriate to brush up on some of the thinking around the causes of the disorder as well as dispel some myths about symptoms, effective treatments, etc. We’d like to…

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Autism & Puberty

autism and puberty

In an effort to help promote autism awareness month, we will be sharing some helpful videos, articles about autism that help shed light on exactly what living with Autism means for both people with Autism as well as their family and friends. Since we deal with a very specific age demographic here at OPI (primarily…

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Young Adults with Asperger’s Disorder: The Challenges

aspergers treatmetnt center young adults

Asperger’s disorder, also known as Asperger’s syndrome, can be especially challenging for young adults. Because it is often lumped together with autism and other developmental disorders, people with Asperger’s syndrome can often struggle to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment they need to live independently and succeed in life. History of Asperger’s Disorder in Young Adults…

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Asperger’s Disorder and Failure to Launch Syndrome in Young Adults

aspergers failure to launch young adults

Many people wonder why young adults with Asperger’s often struggle when it is time to launch into adulthood and independent living. Is it due to their difficulties in the social world? Is it due to their thinking style? Is it due to their challenges with day to day independent living skills? At OPI, we believe…

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Assets of Asperger’s: A Positive Spin

asperger's help young adult

Okay, your adult child has Asperger’s Syndrome. That does NOT mean that he or she is flawed. In fact, it makes them gifted. Keep reading to learn why. Asperger’s in young adults can be a confusing diagnosis to understand. If your child has been diagnosed, you may have been particularly focused on some of the…

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Asperger’s: Chronological vs. Developmental Age

aspergers chronological developmental age failure to launch

I’ve been researching the connection between Asperger’s Syndrome and Failure to Launch – namely to find what the connection is between the two and what approaches are being used to “solve the problem.” Many parents are of the idea that their adult children with Asperger’s are unmotivated, lazy, slackers who need tough love. This tough…

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