Young Adult with Bipolar Disorder
Stop Letting BPD Control your Relationships

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Today, with tremendous behavioral specificity, as professionals we can distinguish between presentations in terms of mania, depression or cycling rates, which then correlate to being able to provide the most effective pharmacologic treatment approach for helping a young adult suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

But still, this does not address other factors, which may play a significant role in how he/she copes with Bipolar Disorder. It does not address the person’s ability to address, understand and modify his/her fundamental style of thinking.

One example is a black-and-white thinking style that has been reinforced over time due to mood shifts experienced as part of Bipolar Disorder. We have found that, when young adults learn to recognize this black-and-white thinking style, they can understand how these extreme mood shifts can…

  • Limit their perceptions of reality;
  • Limit their resolution to conflicts;
  • Reinforce the misperception that mania or euphoria provides clarity and a sense of omnipotence;
  • Reinforce the belief that illegal substances can help regulate moods.

Many young adults with Bipolar Disorder also suffer from obsessive/compulsive thinking styles, which in essence, creates a reverberating circuit that intensifies all the time and seeks immediate discharge through compulsive or addictive behaviors.

The ultimate resolution is to practice “letting go,” to be present in the moment and take things day by day.

It is important for young adults struggling with Bipolar Disorder to have tangible, visceral experiences of success and meet specific goals they can share with others who can then reinforce their successes.

All OPI Living Programs offer a multitude of opportunities where participants can express and share themselves as part of a loving and supportive community:

  • Open mic nights to groups on music appreciation, cooking, film, hiking, yoga, movement or meditation;
  • Individual life coaching to educational coaching where participants learn to create a resume, begin job exploration and have opportunities to explore educational alternatives and receive certification or move toward higher education.

Our experienced clinical team and personnel, dedicated Departments of Educational ServicesCareer and Volunteer ServicesExtracurricular ActivitiesLife Coaching and Addiction Counseling Services along with our OPI Living facility location in Southern California make it possible for us to find opportunities these young adults can truly get excited about and try new approaches to things and break the cycle of suffering from Bipolar Disorder. This excitement is essential because it enables them to share a joyous part of themselves, which, when reflected back, helps create hope for the future.