Education Services at OPI

Education Services

The Education Department at OPI supports and guides participants on their academic journey, and helps prepare them for long-term success. Many individuals come to OPI lacking an educational direction or motivation but our staff works with each student to place them on an appropriate track. Counselors in the Education Department also work with participants on a one to one basis to help them overcome challenges they have faced throughout their educational experience. We ensure they receive supplemental support through a six week workshop, tutoring and accommodations for those with learning disabilities. Participants work in a supportive environment with staff that is able to monitor their progress. In addition, the Education Department facilitates monthly outings such as lectures, museum visits and gallery viewings as an opportunity for participants to be exposed to a variety of new subjects.

Academic Tracks

In coordination with many accredited educational facilities, OPI offers:

  • Subject competency and learning disability remediation
  • High School completion
  • GED and SAT preparation and completion
  • Transfer/General Education
  • College return
  • Vocational Certification

Individual Educational Planning

Our staff works with each participant to conduct the following:

  • Evaluate transcripts
  • Appropriate school, class and instructor selection
  • Addresses previous academic challenges to create prevention strategies
  • Assist participants with learning disabilities and register for accommodations
  • Review syllabi and create fitting study schedule
  • Monitor in-class progress throughout the quarter/semester

Student Success Seminar

The Education Department at OPI facilitates a 6-week workshop, which reviews and teaches necessary study skills such as effective note taking, organization, time management and much more. The workshop is mandatory for all Phase I participants and is aimed to equip them with the tools they will need in phase II and for the duration of their education.

School Options

Based out of Woodland Hills, CA, and situated directly within the Los Angeles County basin, OPI has ideal regional access and established relationships with numerous top-notch accredited institutions and learning programs including private four-year universities, state schools, community colleges, specialized schools dedicated to the arts, occupational, culinary and tech programs, high schools and GED and remediation centers.