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Opportunities for Personal Growth - OPI Residential Treatment Center for Young Adults - Private Pay Mental Health Program
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Residential Treatment and Transition Program for Young Adults

Opportunities for Personal Growth

Opportunities for Personal Growth

In each of our OPI Living programs, we view the multitude of extracurricular activities that are offered as springboards to help participants move forward, develop skillful ways to communicate and deal with anxiety. Extracurricular activities help “spark a passion” and increase self worth and esteem.

Weekend outings, especially, provide great times for socializing and exploring the vast amount of things to do in the local Los Angeles area. We host barbeques on the grounds of the different apartment complexes. Friday nights are dinner outings where the participants get to try various restaurant and cuisines. On Saturdays, they go to comedy shows, amusements parks, book stores and theater productions as well as miniature golfing and on beach trips to surf or scuba dive. Wednesdays we “bring food in”.

During the week, participants have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities, such as Jam Sessions, where they get in touch with their inner musician in a local music studio. Here, an array of instruments is provided to help individuals explore all the different creative avenues the world of music has to offer.

We host a weekly in-house cooking class to teach participants the basics around the kitchen. This is a great way for participants to engage with one another and improve their culinary skills.

We hold a “Mic Night” biannually where participants and staff show off their special talents. Entertainment consists of musical performances, singing, dancing and monologues.

We are proud of our numerous clubs including:

Art Club: From knitting, to painting, to dream catcher making, art club gives participantsthe opportunity to express themselves creatively and freely.

Hiking Club: Immersing oneself in nature is extremely beneficial for one’s body and mind. Every other week, participants will discover various hiking trails throughout the Los Angeles area.

Film Club: Every other week, one participant in the group will volunteer to show a movie of their choice at their apartment. Drinks and snacks are provided for everyone to enjoy while watching the film.

If enough participants are interested, they play basketball, go surfing and snowboarding or bowling, bouldering, indoor sky diving or hiking. They do paintballing, flag football and more.

Individual participants can follow a personal passion and engage in music lessons, personal training sessions, martial arts classes and meditation classes. Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to extracurricular activities offered in our programs.