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Transitioning into adulthood is a daunting task. It is a time of so much change in so many areas of life. And it’s even more difficult for young adults who may already be dealing with other challenges and mental health conditions.

No matter the challenge, OPI offers young adults the individualized help they need to find joy and lead productive and meaningful lives. Whether coming to OPI from home, another program or clinical setting, whether struggling to complete high school or college, or discover and start a successful career path, we offer an individualized plan tailored for each person. And we don’t just focus on the problems or diagnosis. We uncover each young adult’s greatest possibilities.

Located in Woodland Hills, CA, just outside of Los Angeles, we offer the perfect place for participants to take classes, practice new life skills, and transition successfully into the “real world.” Young adults in OPI’s Living Programs become part of committed NEW peer groups---supportive families of friends who help each other cope with what has kept them from moving forward with their lives, confront the distractions that exist for all of us in the real world AND take advantage of all the exciting opportunities available there.

They develop more skillful ways to communicate and deal with anxiety.

They develop the strength and internal fortitude needed to take a chance and set a goal and direction for themselves.

They learn to define how they are going to earn a living, find supportive relationships and improve communication with family and loved ones.

Ultimately, the OPI Living Programs are about balance and helping our participants learn to experience success as well as joy and fulfillment in their lives.

The OPI Living Programs include:

About Our Location in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles)

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, located in the San Fernando Valley and on the border of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.

The area’s climate is more diverse than that of many other areas of Southern California. It is often referred to as a Mediterranean climate, with mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers.

Los Angeles is the second largest city by population in the US and is a city of great ethnic diversity. The Santa Ana Mountains serve as a picturesque background to the city’s downtown, and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean decorate the western side of the city.

Although Los Angeles is a major city, the population of Woodland Hills is one of the least dense in the entire area with an estimated population of 63,000. The end result is a beautiful landscape with a temperate climate and plenty of personal space for residents.

About Transitional Living

  • Coming out of a wilderness program and integrating back into the community/real world.
  • Stay at a hospital and need of added supported post discharge as the re-acclimate back into life.
  • Leaving home for the first time and needing to develop your own sense of agency/independence as you take on new adult responsibilities.

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