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Individualized Career, Volunteer & Community Services - OPI Residential Treatment Center for Young Adults - Private Pay Mental Health Program
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Residential Treatment and Transition Program for Young Adults

Individualized Career, Volunteer & Community Services

Individualized Career, Volunteer & Community Services

OPI participants receive support in these related areas in order to gain transferable skills in real world settings, learn the value of networking, develop social skills, work in areas of interests, find a new passion, follow through with a commitment, AND build an internal sense of discipline and of persevering during difficult times. Volunteer or internship activities can also serve as a bridge to paying careers.

Volunteer And Internships

We assist participants navigate the volunteer and internship process and help them with brainstorming, researching and communicating with possible volunteer and internship opportunities. Participants are required to volunteer and be of service while at OPI. Time/day/length of commitment are determined by the skeletal structure of the program, school, extracurricular activities and personal goals. Examples of volunteer locations include animal rescues, senior living facilities, tutoring, mentoring, and clerical work. Examples of internships include marketing, advertising, and architectural.

Total Participant Hours Volunteered since 2015:

Community Service

We do mandatory monthly community service events with numerous organizations and in various industries and service areas such as environmental, construction, fundraisers/event planning, social services , and animal rescues.


We cover all aspects in career counseling from career exploration, to career related tool building, to the job search process and job maintenance. We offer an 8 week career workshop series, that reviews the purpose and process of career related tools including resume, cover letters, and mock interviewing to name a few.

Job Search

We do not do job placement however we assist with all steps of the job search process. We use a systematic approach to assist participants in staying organized and offer one-on-one support to ensure each individuals needs are met. We also facilitate mall outings and visit local college job fairs. We have a relationship with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) for those that would benefit from job placement services while in our later phases.

Alumni Resources

Not only we do send quarterly newsletters and regularly keep up-to- date with our alumni, we are in the process of planning events to connect with alumni nationwide.