For the LGBTQ community

OPI offers compassionate, clinically sophisticated treatment for young adults of all sexual orientations and identities who suffer from mental health issues. The most common mental health concerns described by LGBTQ young adults are isolation, depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse. Isolation and the feeling of “not belonging” are often particularly salient for the transgender community.

As an LGBTQ young adult figuring out their sexuality and whether or not they will be accepted by their support system, dealing with the depression and/or anxiety becomes an all-consuming task, leaving little motivation for anything else. The structured and supportive environment of OPI encourages open discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity with our participants and their families.


I’m Britt Kusserow, a life coach with OPI. As a lesbian and an advocate for social change, I believe strongly in the importance of in-house resources for our LGBTQ+ young adults. I believe this is reflected through ongoing conversation/flexibility and respect for identity when it comes to our shared housing, through having open and “out” therapists, ILS, and other staff, and through a group I co-facilitate, around Sexuality and Gender Identity.

Having a group like this allows for varying expressions of community growth and fostered respect.  The focus of our group is ever-changing! The space always exists as a safe place to discuss any therapeutic/emotional issues surrounding ones’ identity and journey: to process, vent, or hear feedback from peers and staff. At times the necessity of this is abundantly clear. At other times, the group is used for experiential activities or more facilitator-led discussion topics (exploring societal biases, intersectionality, personal boundaries etc.)

I welcome any prospective LGBTQ+ youth to touch base with me about our group and whether it’s right for you! Although it is offered, it is not mandatory and those of us who organize it rely on self-disclosure/willingness when considering who will join. We recognize that some people aren’t out, aren’t ready, or just aren’t interested!

Wherever you are on your journey, I look forward to meeting you.


Hello! I'm Zoey, an Independent Living Specialist with OPI. I have been pleased to see all of the resources available for LGBTQ+ participants at OPI. Even though I am working as a staff member, knowing that my coworkers were accepting of my background helped ease me into the workplace culture.

I am often able to live my life without mentioning my part in the LGBTQ+ community in my personal life and I prefer it that way. However, I recognize that that is not always an option for people nor do they always choose so. Simply knowing that you are not alone in your experiences is also a big helper. It is with that note that I hope being open and 'out' at OPI helps participants feel more comfortable both in and out of group meetings.

I currently help organize and facilitate an LGBTQ+ movie night at our apartments once per month, and my door is always open to anyone who wishes to check in.

I'm Azra Mowlana, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Registered Art Therapist.  I am a pansexual, cisgender woman.  I have found in my work with clients that visibility can be extremely important for developing relationships and modeling healthy relationships through a family systems lens.
I have a personal and professional understanding of how daunting it can be to navigate the challenges of being a young adult with the additional stresses that come from challenging society's expectations and norms, which is another reason my visibility at OPI is important.
I have found that art exploration and play can be an incredible tool for self-expression, realization, and empowerment for LGBTQ+ young adults.  I facilitate an open art studio as part of my role here, at OPI, and also use art in my individual sessions if requested or appropriate.