Young Adult Depression and Anxiety Treatment at OPI


Part of the difficulty in addressing issues of Depression and Anxiety Disorders, is the present psychiatric diagnostic system. While depression and anxiety disorder symptoms are described with extreme specificity in an understandable attempt to generate consistency within a diagnosis, the result may not highly correlate to a specific person.

In reality, most people can naturally experience depression and anxiety at difficult or traumatic times in their lives, but what does it really mean when one person experiences depression or anxiety more often than someone else?

Even medications prescribed for depression can have more uses than we may think. Anti-depressants, for instance, particularly those focusing on the production or control of serotonin within the body’s complex system, seem to have powerful anti-anxiety and anti-obsessional properties and can be used to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety disorders.

The resolution and treatment of depression and anxiety in young adults, many of whom are still going through later stages of adolescence, is really dependent upon the understanding of that specific individual, their family and their unique circumstances.

Of course, stability might be achieved through pharmacology (prescribed medications). However, when combined with a comprehensive psychiatric, psychological, psycho- educational and psycho-social approach, there is a higher probability of finding and building upon an individual’s assets and strengths, reinforcing their ability to systematically and skillfully tackle areas where they need support and remediation.

All of us grow a step at a time and persevere by learning to extend tolerance, patience and compassion toward ourselves as well as others. At the Optimum Performance Institute and with all OPI Living Programs, we have a community where growth can occur in multiple ways:

  • Participants can create an internal world where judgment is lessened and the suffering that results from attachments to things, ideas and beliefs becomes more apparent;
  • We become aware of how it is important to begin to enjoy life while appreciating that the actual process is one in which our needs are not always met;
  • We learn to grow from perceived failures, seeing them through a “prism of perseverance” that allows us to make conscious decisions about whether to change course or even that the course is not a wise one.

Our location in Southern California, dedicated Departments of Educational ServicesCareer and Volunteer ServicesExtracurricular ActivitiesLife Coaching and Addiction Counseling Services and our expert and friendly personnel make it possible for us to find opportunities that OPI Living participants can truly get excited about to develop their skills and passions for life ahead.

Excitement from the individual is essential for breaking the cycles and chains of isolation that suffering from depression and anxiety can bring, allowing them to find and share a joyous part of themselves, which, when reflected back, helps create hope for the future rather than fear for the unknown.


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