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4 Smart Ways to Find Your Passion When You Feel Unmotivated  

passion inspiration CopyWhen apathy overwhelms your senses, searching for passion is likely the absolute last thing on your mind. You may find that just navigating daily life zaps all of your remaining energy and drive. Unfortunately, allowing this cyclical pattern to continue can leave you trapped in a world devoid of color. You can break out of apathy and regain true motivation by slowly working toward your passions. Once you capture your passions, the veil of apathy will lift and you may develop a deeper drive for the finer things in life. Here are four smart ways to find your passion when you are feeling completely unmotivated.

Take a Hobby Test Run

If you do not have the motivation to actively pursue your current hobbies, think about expanding your horizons by taking a hobby test run. Participating in new hobbies can spark your interests and help inspire the development of motivation for enrichment activities. Pick five hobbies you have never tried before and strive to test out just one each week in an effort to restore your drive.

Transform Your Blockade into Art

When your mind fails to move past apathy on its own, work around the blockade with art. Skip the planning stage and simply put your pencil or paintbrush to the page to release the tension you feel. Allow the artwork to release your bottled up emotions and create a newfound connection with the world. When you work on artistic pieces, one idea turns into another, which may potentially spur the complete return of your motivation.

Visit Inspirational Venues

If your motivation levels are so low that you cannot even gather the strength needed to pick up a pencil, seek out inspiration from the world around you. Plan visits to truly inspirational venues to explore creations made through all walks of life. Explore the hidden emotions and meanings in the artwork and other creations to visualize how these feelings help transform the chosen medium. When you view inspirational works, the visit may rouse the need to contribute your own works to this unending well of artistry.

Collaborate with Your Peers

Apathy tends to cause you to withdraw into yourself, which can actually make the problem worse over time. Strive to collaborate with your peers and gain an outside perspective to regain your footing for your journey through life. Your peers can help lead you to new passions or reinvigorate your love for past hobbies. Make sure to spend your time with people interested in improving their standing in life to challenge unhealthy thought patterns and avoid the echo chamber effect.

Breaking Away from Apathy

Even after finding your passions, the stress of life can cause feelings of apathy to return with a vengeance. Remember to return to your hobbies and activities immediately upon noting apathetic thoughts or behaviors. By preemptively fighting against apathy, you have the power to maintain a healthy approach to navigating life’s hurdles.


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