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Upon joining OPI Standard, participants immediately meet with our Departments of Educational ServicesCareer Development, Volunteer Services and Extracurricular Activities to establish their part of an Individualized Treatment Plan. For those joining OPI Intensive, participants focus on learning and strengthening their use of DBT skills before working with the departments.

Participants can then go into real-life situations to practice the skills they have acquired in their individual and group clinical experiences. OPI helps them search for paid or unpaid work opportunities that permit a greater sense of independence, self-esteem and the meaning of responsibility. They learn to function in diverse communities, understanding how to communicate and respect others who are different from themselves.

Where appropriate, we help them make arrangements for finishing high school or decide what college courses to take and how to enroll. We help them begin a career path. What kind of volunteer work do they want to do? What do they like to do for fun?

Individualized programming is truly that…individual and unique to each participant. Their schedule is different from any other, because it focuses on their individual goals.


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