Addiction & Substance Abuse

Our perspective on treating all addictions—substance abuse, eating disorders, computer addiction— reflects our overall perspective: We treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis.

Obviously, there seems to be a group of young adults for whom addiction seems the primary issue. They do not demonstrate symptoms or manifestations of other psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression or attention disorders.

But in reality, this distinction can be quite difficult to accurately define.

In today’s world, with the accessibility of so many substances and reinforcement of the need for immediate gratification (with its minimizing of “process” and maximizing of “end product”), many young people rely on the most simplistic resolutions to problems.

Whether they are called impulsive, spacey or internally pre-occupied, they don’t seem to be present or able to compromise with the limitations of reality. They find it difficult to sit with their anxieties for any extended period.

At the Optimum Performance Institute, we work around the clock as a team utilizing the concepts of dual diagnosis and co-occurring conditions. We provide 12-step models for those who are comfortable with it, offering 12-step meetings and driving participants to a multitude of local community meetings.

But our highly individualized concept for addiction treatment also integrates psychotherapy, individual counseling, life skills coaching and in-house groups with an approach designed to…

  • promote the construction of an individualized relapse prevention program.
  • help the individual define and achieve defined goals and objectives.
  • help achieve greater independent functioning in areas such as school, work and enjoyment.

Our common goal is to find joy and share it with others without the use of substances. We do not provide detoxification and ask that new participants have 30 days of sobriety.

Our experienced clinical team and personnel, dedicated Departments of Educational Services, Career and Volunteer Services, Extracurricular Activities, Life Coaching and Addiction Counseling Services along with our OPI Living facility location in Southern California make it possible for us to find opportunities these young adults can truly get excited about. This excitement is essential because it enables them to share a joyous part of themselves, which, when reflected back, helps create hope for the future.

We Treat the WHOLE PERSON not just the diagnosis.