Levels of Treatment for Young Adults at OPI

Levels of Treatment

Beginning on Day One in our OPI Living Programs, we construct a highly individualized treatment plan for each participant, refining goals and objectives that change as they grow and develop. This continues throughout the program from Phase One through Phase Two, After Care and Outpatient Services.

In this way, each participant’s individualized program reinforces new goals as well as old ones, helping our young adults develop the balanced and fulfilling life they are searching for.


OPI offers a wide spectrum of services. Whether it is therapeutic, educational, vocational or recreational, each service focuses on helping the participant cope with the anxiety associated with making good choices and persevering while gaining independent living skills and learning to make good decisions as they move forward toward the goals they have set.

Our internal step-down process allows our treatment teams, working in conjunction with parents and participants, to continually re-assess each participant as they work toward their goals, evaluating developmental gains and degrees of responsibility attained in order to help him/her achieve a gradual reduction in levels of supervision and greater independence.

In this way, OPI prepares the participant to begin functioning more independently either by:

  • leaving OPI and moving on to continue either work or academic commitments, or,
  • utilizing further OPI support in the form of our outpatient psychotherapy or the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).


If everyone agrees it is appropriate, participants may then move to our Outpatient Services Program.

It is important to note that our menu of OPI phases is flexible because it reflects the needs of each participant at their present level of maturity, responsibility and independence.

We are fortunate to have many participants continue with us in our Outpatient Program. Here, participants live nearby and are in school fulltime or have a full time job. They come in to OPI offices only for special activities or individual or group psychotherapy while continuing to complete the goals they set here.


OPI Outpatient Program provides a menu of services and different payment options.

Payment options at OPI include check, credit card or wire transfer. Tuition is payable upon admission. Packages are recommended for Outpatient participants.

OPI is considered private pay and does not currently work with insurance, Medicare, or a sliding scale.

Generally, insurance companies do not cover programs such as OPI although we have seen some exceptions. OPI is accredited by JCAHO which may assist parents in obtaining some reimbursement from their insurance carriers. You may be able to recoup some the cost of the individual and group therapy sessions.  Although we make no guarantees, as a courtesy OPI will provide a coded invoice specifically for these services in a format that you may use to submit to your insurance carrier.  We recommend you contact your insurance company to find out your plan benefit and coverage as well as limits for mental health.

Some helpful questions may be:

  1. Does my plan cover any out of network mental health providers?
  2. What is the dollar and number limit for psychotherapy sessions covered under my plan in a year?
  3. What information do I need to obtain from OPI to make the reimbursement process as smooth as possible?

Reach out to our Admissions department at 818-906-4884 or by using this Contact Form to learn more.