DBT Skills in Academic Settings

October 7, 2015

School can be especially difficult for many of our clients. We often see them struggle to stay focused in class, follow through on attending, and many also have issues finding connection with others in school. Though they frequently discuss their use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills throughout their day at OPI, sometimes it is hard for them to imagine

Overcoming Overwhelm: Find the Right College for You

December 12, 2014

Whether you are a first-time freshman, transfer student, or a potential graduate school student, you will be faced with the question of how to find the RIGHT college for you. With the large number of schools throughout the United States, our diverse staff of education professionals, therapists, life coaches, and independent living specialists at Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) works with

Failure to Launch: Discovering Your Personal Path

November 21, 2014

Once there was a little girl who had dreams of becoming a doctor, a ballet dancer, and the president all at the same time. What she didn’t know at that age was that she would need skills, successes, and support to help her achieve those goals. Fast-forward eighteen years, and this little girl is now struggling at college. While once

Failure to Launch Syndrome: Overcoming a Lack of Clear Direction

November 10, 2014

There was probably a time in your life when you had a lack of a sense of direction. You had a general idea of what you wanted but needed that extra push to get there. Whether it was school, career, or even volunteer-wise, you knew what general direction you wanted to head but didn’t have an adviser or that extra