Failure to Launch Syndrome: Overcoming a Lack of Clear Direction

November 10, 2014

failure to launch school work careerThere was probably a time in your life when you had a lack of a sense of direction. You had a general idea of what you wanted but needed that extra push to get there. Whether it was school, career, or even volunteer-wise, you knew what general direction you wanted to head but didn’t have an adviser or that extra support that you needed.

From my own personal experience, I was always a well-driven and motivated individual, but I sometimes felt lost and just needed that extra set of “hands on” advice to get me to where I wanted to be. I utilized my advisers and got myself involved as much as I could in different clubs and organizations at California State University, Northridge. I was a part of Delta Zeta sorority and served on the executive board, which helped enhance my people and leadership skills. I can say this opportunity dramatically enhanced my experience at the university by making it feel more like a home. This got me more involved in campus life for the four years that I attended.

Here at Optimum Performance Institute (OPI), we have highly qualified individuals in each department, including career/volunteer, education, and extra-curricular activities. So whether you are looking for advice about which career path you want to start on, how to get yourself more involved in a volunteer program you are passionate about, what steps you need to take to get into your dream school, or how to get involved with different activities within our programs or in the Los Angeles area, Optimum Performance Institute offers one-on-one individualized sessions with highly qualified, passionate advisers to lead you on the right path.

OPI is located in Woodland Hills, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Being so close to Los Angeles gives participants a variety of options for top community colleges and universities and a plethora of volunteer and career opportunities. So, if you don’t have a concrete plan on what you would like to do next, or if you just need that little extra push of someone to help you plan your next moves, consider Optimum Performance Institute to help you on your journey to a better you.

By Christina Barone
Administrative Assistant at OPI

For more information on OPI’s programs and our measures to help young adults find direction, meaning, and purpose to overcome Failure to Launch issues, call us at (888) 814-5985 or click HERE to submit an online form. We’ll be in touch promptly.