How to Turn Paddle-Boarding into an Amazing Growth Experience  

November 16, 2016

There is a good reason why paddle boarding is an activity that is often combined with yoga. This activity puts you in an environment where you have to focus on your physical endurance to achieve balance and stability. If you are looking for a form of DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) which will help you grow as a human being, paddle boarding is one experience to try, especially if you enjoy the act of combining therapeutic ideas with physical activity. Here is how you can turn paddle boarding into an amazing growth experience.

Use paddle boarding to learn how to listen to your body.

Paddle boarding is a physical sport or activity, which means you have to pay close attention to your own physical state while in the water. To achieve proper balance, you have to be conscious of your bodily position at all times. You have to also learn how to find your physical limitations while paddle boarding as you do not want to push yourself to paddle too far off shore and not have the energy to paddle yourself back. Getting in tune with how your body reacts and what it is capable of doing is a good way to find a greater sense of overall peace and well-being.

Learn to use tolerance skills to eliminate stress.

Paddle boarding can easily bring about bouts of frustration. A few of the frustrating situations you could run into include:

  • too many large-vessel boats in the water
  • feeling fatigued or tired halfway through your trip
  • finding yourself afraid of falling into the water

One of the primary fundamentals of DBT is learning to use coping skills to move beyond stressful situations so you can achieve what you want or find a sense of peace in spite of inner emotional turmoil. In the water on your paddle board, you have no one to rely on to pull you through these kinds of frustrations that are bound to come, so you must be able to apply your own coping strategies to the situation in a controlled manner. Practicing this in paddle boarding easily translates to being able to do the same with everyday situations because it teaches you that above all else, you are in control over how you react in troublesome situations.

Grow to understand how art, beauty, and visuals can offer you peace.

Paddling off the shore and admiring the sunrise, the way boats look against the horizon, or even how the water glitters in the sunlight are some of the beautiful visuals that paddle boarding can reward you with. In paddle boarding, it is always a good idea to stop when you need to and simply admire your surroundings, which is also a possible stress-management technique in your day-to-day life. Even in the most stressful situations, you can stop, take a breather, and find something more appealing to focus on to bring you a sense of calm.


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