What OPI Intensive has done for my Daughter

February 5, 2012

OPI Living Success StoryIsabel started having issues when she was 12 or 13. Then we all went through some major life changes and it worsened her BPD traits. She is very bright and always has ideas, but every time she tried and failed, it just made things worse for her and ratcheted up her symptoms even more. She would get so frustrated because she couldn’t complete two semesters of college and it would spill over into the home.

I really admire Isabel. It was her idea to go to (another facility). You need to get a good recommendation from a good psychiatrist or hospital … and then your kid needs to buy into it.

But everything she tried just made it worse. All the outpatient work just wasn’t doing the trick. She voluntarily was hospitalized four times, each time for 3-4 weeks, but then would get out and things went downhill. She knew it wasn’t helping her. I knew it, too.

Isabel was considered a “severe case,” so I am genuinely amazed at her progress. Jen is excellent and has helped Isabel so much gain insight. Isabel is committed, now, to OPI Intensive.

She came home for Christmas and we had some tense moments but she was able to work through it. The day before it was time to go she said “Well, I guess it’s time for me to go home, now” ……and she was talking about going back to California! She has learned so many skills. We do family calls and I’m so proud of her. She is dealing with things from her past and doing it in a way that is not defensive or angry. Instead of blaming someone else, she uses the right language, and we can work things out. She rephrases things and says “this is what’s going on with me.” She has so much self-awareness.

Isabel and I are really close and I miss her so much but I can see the value of being there. The change in her is dramatic.

When she got through (a personal issue), from that point on there was a dramatic change. I could tell she had completely stopped resisting the help that was being offered. She had changed in terms of getting serious about her recovery. She owns (her own treatment), now. She’s so engaged.

I feel incredibly fortunate that Isabel enrolled at OPI Intensive.

Names have been changed to protect our participant’s privacy.

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