OPI Living Co-Founders Attend IECA Conference in Atlanta

It happens every year:  I always look forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones and exchanging ideas at every Independent Educational Consultants Assn. (IECA) conference I go to. So if you and I didn’t have a chance to connect, I truly regret the missed opportunity if you also attended the recent IECA Atlanta gathering.

As usual, this conference proved that getting together formally as well as casually is the best way for professionals in our field to discuss and exchange new ideas for helping children and young adults.

Not only did I find common ground about how conditions in this age group occur from a psycho-dynamic point of view, but what was of tremendous interest to Anne and me was discovering the great need to move beyond the limitations of our present diagnostic system so the broadest possible array of services can be made available to those in need.

Treating the whole person and not just the diagnosis, words that happen to be our theme here at all our OPI Living programs, even seemed to be reflected in the keynote address, ‘Creative Practices for Motivating Students, Parents and Colleagues,’ given by Ron Clark, New York Times best-selling author.

Dr Robert Fischer and Anne LaRiviere of OPI Living at IECA in AtlantaThis year the Optimum Performance Institute was a major Atlanta IECA conference event sponsor, and visitors could spot our logo on event tote bags, the program guide, handouts and of course at our OPI Living program station as well.  We participated in the celebrated “SWAP” where representatives from programs across the country were available to speak directly with conference attendees and gather helpful materials.

Nearly 1,000 consultants, educators, therapists and program coordinators attended IECA Atlanta. Let’s hope we meet at IECA’s spring conference in Chicago! For now, check out all the fun photos we took while participating at the IECA Atlanta conference on our OPI Living Facebook page.

Robert F. Fischer, M.D., and Anne LaRiviere, co-founders of the Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) and OPI Intensive, attended the fall IECA conference in Atlanta on behalf of the OPI Living Program Team.