Family Involvement

OPI and Roanne Program participants develop the strength and internal fortitude to take chances, establish goals, and find direction. We support this process by providing opportunities for young adults to redefine how they are going to earn a living, support themselves, find loving and supportive relationships among peers and colleagues, and improve communication with family and loved ones.

By integrating into our OPI family, participants revisit their understanding of their own families. During this process, they learn skills to re-establish that bridge of communication that allows for greater acceptance, tolerance, and clarification of differences and shared values within their own family. Each participant has his/her own therapist who serves as a case manager and communicates with the family on a regular basis at a frequency that is collaboratively determined.

  • The objective is to transform the family’s communication with their more mature, sensitive, and responsible young adult. This reduces anxiety and creates greater support for all parties.
  • Therapists provide feedback and updates on the participant’s progress as much as possible and also provide support to parents.
  • Participants re-establish the bridge of communication they used to have with their families, restrengthening relationships.

When a young adult is dealing with a mental health condition which sometimes may be complicated by drug use, it’s likely that your family have experienced many difficulties. Sudden mood changes, broken promises, and shattered communication – many, many families have been torn apart by a loved one falling prey to the temptation of another drug hit, or succumbing to the difficulties of a mental health condition. That’s why family involvement in therapy is crucial to your loved one’s recovery.

We Treat the WHOLE PERSON not just the diagnosis.

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