Optimum Performance Institute


What is the Optimum Performance Institute?

The Optimum Performance Institute is a leading therapeutic transitional living program for young adults, and the first transformational program of its kind anywhere. JCAHO-Accredited as a Residential Treatment Center, OPI was founded specifically to support young adults up to the age of twenty-eight, as they navigate critical challenges. Our comprehensive, highly therapeutic program has proven effective in treating the most debilitating of diagnoses. We address the issues that are holding young adults back, and instill the skills and habits to launch lives forward.

The Optimum Performance Institute offers some of the most respected programs in the country. OPI’s Roanne Program, for instance, is the only program specializing in treating Borderline Personality Disorder in young men and women, and was named BEST IN TREATMENT by Psychology Today. We also offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) where individual and group therapy is provided along with support groups designed to guide each participant on his or her path to success. All of our programs offer thorough, inclusive therapeutic treatments, allowing the rare flexibility for truly individualized care.

The Optimum Performance Institute utilizes many therapeutic approaches and is the only place to offer Transformative Renewal Therapy, (TRT), an innovative therapeutic approach created by OPI’s founding psychiatrist, Robert F. Fischer, MD. TRT has a high success rate, effectively reaching each participant, as it assists in reconnecting with the most creative self, or the mind of the beginner. The mind of the beginner is the mind of a child that is not distracted by time. It is a state that does not consider the tedious repetition of learning, but embraces the joy of the process. It is the state where possibilities are infinite. It is the consciousness where hope, happiness, and resilience reside as biological imperatives. Participants remember the natural resilience they carried as children that allowed them, for instance, to learn to walk and stand up again and again. TRT provides opportunities for transformation as each person thinks new thoughts, imagines new possibilities, and learns new habits aligned with his or her greatest potential.

The OPI environment is a safe, happy, experiential one. A child will go to any length to learn to walk. A child experiments. With the same spirit of exploration, our young adults find themselves comfortable enough to take chances and explore new opportunities; many enroll in classes in new areas of interest. Time and time again, participants who couldn’t imagine feeling happy, find themselves laughing and experiencing moments of real joy. These daily practices become the reinforced habits of happiness as participants make leaps on their paths to living lives of true meaning.

Why OPI?

Transitioning into adulthood is a more daunting task than ever before. Never have we lived in a time of so much change in so many areas of life. And it’s even more difficult for our young adults who are already dealing with other challenges and conditions. Perhaps they suffer from Anxiety, Depression, or Learning Disabilities. Or they may suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, OCD or what is commonly called “Failure to Launch.”

No matter the challenge, OPI offers young adults the individualized help they need to find joy and lead meaningful lives. Whether coming here from home or another program, whether struggling to complete high school or college or start a career, we offer an individualized plan tailored for each person. And we don’t just focus on the problems. We uncover each young adult’s greatest possibilities. Located in Woodland Hills, CA, just outside of Los Angeles, we offer the perfect place for participants to take classes, practice new life skills, and transition successfully into the “real world.”

Every transition is a chance for transformation.