D’s Mother

March 9, 2015
D’s Mother

Dear OPI,

Thank you so much for the work you have done with D. and for your obvious dedication to your job and to helping him move to this next stage in his life in a healthy and safe way.

We were so impressed with the OPI program when we visited; the commitment that everyone we met had to helping our son and all of the OPI patients learn how to live a happy and productive life shone through.

I know that we wouldn’t have the relationship with D. that we have now and that he wouldn’t have the skill set, confidence, and ability to make a new life for himself without your professionalism and your compassion and connection to all of us.

I just noticed the OPI motto at the bottom of your email address: “Turning Hopelessness Into Happiness” and it made me tear up because that is exactly what you and the OPI program did, not just for D. but for me as well.

I was almost overwhelmed with fear and anxiety about D.’s future when he entered your program and now I can see a entirely different life ahead of him–one that he creates and lives.

It won’t be easy because life usually isn’t but I have faith that D. has learned how to deal with the ups and downs of life in a healthy way.  Thank you so much for everything.

D.’s Mom

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