Help for College Students with Borderline Personality Disorder

February 20, 2017

Most students want a quality education but quickly discover that earning a college degree can be tough. College applications are grueling and finding classes that fit your schedule & interest can be frustrating. Then, once the semester starts, keeping your attention on books instead of friends can be a struggle. For college students with borderline personality disorder, the struggle can

DBT Skills in Academic Settings

October 7, 2015

School can be especially difficult for many of our clients. We often see them struggle to stay focused in class, follow through on attending, and many also have issues finding connection with others in school. Though they frequently discuss their use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills throughout their day at OPI, sometimes it is hard for them to imagine

Borderline Personality Disorder in College

May 5, 2015
Borderline Personality Disorder in College

Being a college student can be both fun and challenging; however, for a college student with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), the goal of obtaining a college degree can seem downright impossible. For a student with BPD, successfully getting from point A (the beginning of the semester) to point B (completion of the semester), can be very challenging. A reason for this

Overcoming Overwhelm: Find the Right College for You

December 12, 2014

Whether you are a first-time freshman, transfer student, or a potential graduate school student, you will be faced with the question of how to find the RIGHT college for you. With the large number of schools throughout the United States, our diverse staff of education professionals, therapists, life coaches, and independent living specialists at Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) works with

Support Services for Los Angeles Area Students

October 22, 2014

OPI’s Program Director Jessica Breton and Outpatient Program Coordinator Jaime Jackson went to visit the USC Engemann Student Health Center on Monday, September 29th and had a great opportunity to meet other clinicians and providers in the Los Angeles area. USC hosted a well-organized open house at the counseling center as well as an informative presentation. It was wonderful to

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Like College, Just without the Late-Night Pizza

October 18, 2014

Creating an environment for young adults where working through past mistakes or forging positively focused experiences and then turning them into effective life habits is what Optimum Performance Institute is all about. With most of our participants being of the college-going age, OPI’s education department plays a considerable role in this effort to assist these participants towards a fruitful existence,

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Accommodations for Disabilities: College Edition

September 25, 2014

Here at OPI, one of the main goals of the education department is to help our college students create a relationship with their respective school’s disabilities office to ensure they are receiving proper accommodations for their diagnosed learning and psychiatric disabilities. Our students come to OPI with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses, such as depression, borderline personality disorder, and anxiety

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