OPI Valentine’s Day Grams

May 10, 2016

By: Jenna Madeiros, Director of Extracurricular Activities

We’re a little late posting these photos but thought it was still fun to share…As usual, holidays definitely never go unnoticed at OPI!  This year the Extracurricular Activities Department created Valentine’s Day Grams for both participants and staff to enjoy on the holiday that reminds us just how important friendship, happiness, and sweets mean to us.  Whether single and enjoying life or in a relationship and appreciating the extra love, all participants enjoyed a bag full of conversation hearts and a Ring Pop to remind them that they are a “real gem!”  This year, staff also felt the love and received a bag with all the necessary s ‘mores supplies and were told that they “make working here so much S’MORE fun!” Nothing screams ‘I appreciate you’ more than a handmade treat bag made with love and attention!

vday1 vday2 vday3 vday4

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