Help for College Students with Borderline Personality Disorder

February 20, 2017

Most students want a quality education but quickly discover that earning a college degree can be tough. College applications are grueling and finding classes that fit your schedule & interest can be frustrating. Then, once the semester starts, keeping your attention on books instead of friends can be a struggle. For college students with borderline personality disorder, the struggle can

The First Steps are the Hardest: Understanding Young Adults with BPD  

August 16, 2016

When it comes to psychological or emotional problems, the first steps to get better will always be the hardest, but when a patient diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a younger adult, the first steps can seem almost impossible. Perhaps, the answer to treatment of BPD in young adults lies partially in familial understanding of just why overcoming the

Narcissism and BPD

July 12, 2016

Borderline Personality Disorder is becoming a more popular diagnosis amongst today’s young adults. The mental health field is becoming more aware of symptomotology that reflects the diagnosis and they are becoming more familiar with recognizing the signs. To make diagnosing even more difficult, since mental health professionals would really rather diagnose anything but BPD, some young adults suffer from comorbid

Signs of Self-Harm in Young Adults

May 31, 2016

As a parent, it falls in the category labeled “Worse Nightmares.” Cutting, scratching, and other self-injurious behaviors make frightened parents think their kids are contemplating suicide. Self-harm does not necessarily translate to suicidal ideations, but it is a problem that you want to learn how to spot and seek help for right away. What is Self-Harm? Self-harm is a behavior

Having Kids with a BPD Diagnosis

May 19, 2016

I had to research this topic quite a bit and found tons and tons of negative information. And, contrary to any blog out there, I will give you the ending first. It’s your call. Only YOU can decide whether or not to have children with your BPD diagnosis. I can tell you that if you are unstable (medications, therapies, etc),

BPD art and art therapy.

May 12, 2016

This May is BPD awareness month and all month we’ve been posting helpful and insightful articles here on the OPI Intensive blog to try to do our part to help spread awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder. Estimates are a bit all over the map in terms of how much of the population is affected by BPD but a number that

Welcome to me – offensive film about BPD?

May 10, 2016

May is BPD awareness month and in an effort to help spread awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder we have been writing more blog posts than ever. Today we’d like to share another person’s blog post we found online about the film “Welcome to Me” starring Kristen Wiig. Welcome to me is a film ostensibly about someone suffering from BPD. The

Video Diary of Struggling with BPD

May 6, 2016

Continuing with our efforts to help BPD awareness month this may we’ve stumbled across a video online that we believe is quite relatable to a lot of readers of our blog. This video shows a typical adolescent struggling to understand what the best method of treatment for BPD is. She goes on to talk about how she needs to find

BPD Documentary made by students in the UK

May 5, 2016

Continuing with our efforts to help spread awareness of BPD during BPD awareness month, we would like to share a video with you here today. This video was a simple school project some students made about BPD in the UK. Even though it’s a bit rough around the edges and lacks any slick Hollywood style production value, it features some

5 Faces of BPD

May 4, 2016

One of the most challenging aspects of having BPD is maintaining relationships with those around you. Often times friends and family have a difficult time understanding those with BPD because of the mood swings and often misunderstand the disorder and confuse it with multiple personality. Indeed, talking to someone with BPD can sometimes feel like talking to two different people

Fear of Intimacy

May 3, 2016

It’s a common thing – being fearful of intimacy. There are many different reasons we give: I don’t want to be tied down; I can’t imagine being with one person for the rest of my life; I don’t want to get hurt. But, what is the real reason some of us, more than others, experience this fear of intimate relationships?

May is BPD awareness month!

May 2, 2016

May is Borderline Personality Disorder awareness month. In an effort to do our part in helping spread awareness about BPD we decided to share different videos and articles from around the internet here on our blog. If you’ve found an article, forum, video or anything that you feel would be valuable to share with the BPD community please let us