Welcome to me – offensive film about BPD?

May 10, 2016

May is BPD awareness month and in an effort to help spread awareness about Borderline Personality Disorder we have been writing more blog posts than ever. Today we’d like to share another person’s blog post we found online about the film “Welcome to Me” starring Kristen Wiig.

Welcome to me is a film ostensibly about someone suffering from BPD. The basic premise of the film is that a woman with BPD wins the lottery and then decides to make a tv show about herself with the winnings. After reading that plot line you can see why it was made into a movie. It has the classic comedy ingredients for a decent film, unfortunately though BPD is still a relatively unknown disorder and an even more misunderstood one so the sensitivity in using it as a device to drive a independent film plot might still be considered a bit callus.
In an effort to get someone’s take on the film who actually has BPD we found a well-written article which you can read here:


And if you’re interested in seeing the trailer to the film so you can see where the author is coming from we’ve taken the liberty of embedding it below.