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Residential Treatment and Transition Program for Young Adults

Anxiety, Panic and Mood Disorders

Anxiety, Panic And Mood Disorders

Many young adults experience anxiety in their lives. Sometimes the anxiety so impacts your functioning that it can be called a disorder. Young adults living with borderline personality disorder are not exempt from anxiety disorders, including panic disorder. In fact, they tend to experience the world as a troublesome, anxiety-producing arena full of fear and conflict.

You may be suffering greatly from profound anxiety which can be excruciatingly painful and debilitating. Often anxiety centers on deep fears of abandonment, with the belief that others will inevitably leave you and, once that happens, you will be left totally unable to cope.

A young adult living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) may also experience panic attacks, worries, and fears that many other people do. A panic attack is an acute and severe form of anxiety that about 50% of people with borderline disorder experience. Panic attacks are characterized by a discrete period of intense fear in which sensations and feelings may develop abruptly, suddenly, unexpectedly, peak quickly, and disappear either rapidly or slowly. If you are living with BPD, you may feel inadequate to manage your anxiety when it arises.

OPI Intensive has considerable clinical expertise and capability at its disposal to help you. We are able to customize a therapeutic and experiential treatment program for your co-occurring BPD anxiety, both to help cope with the hold that anxiety may command over you now and to diminish your anxiety in the future.