Two OPI Participants Graduate From Culinary School

March 27, 2006

OPI Living Success StoryWoodland Hills, CA – Nearly 200 people including family and friends from as far away as Hong Kong and Texas attended a seven-course banquet March 26 prepared by chefs graduating from the Westlake Culinary Institute Professional Program in Westlake Village, CA. Among the 22 graduates honored during ceremonies were Scott L. and Kate M. who attend the Optimum Performance Institute in Woodland Hills, CA.

Scott plans to follow a career in the culinary field while Kate is in the process of selecting a cooking school where she can pursue her interest in the art of pastry making.

The Optimum Performance Institute is a highly individualized therapeutic, educational and residential program for young adults ages 17-25-years-old. For more information please contact Anne LaRiviere, Director of Marketing/Admissions, Optimum Performance Institute at (888)814-5985.

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