OPI Living Testimonials and Reviews

Participant Testimonials

“There is now more to my life than just staying in my room and out of the hospital. I’m creating a person of responsibility. I could see myself being a loving father someday.” ~Aaron M.

“I never thought I could change and that things could get better. For the first time in my life, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.” ~Sandra C.

“I find I am moving going from guilt and fear to creating the life I LOVE. This is not just “maintaining life” but LOVING life. OMG my life changed in just that one session.” ~Aubrey Z.

“I am missing you all greatly, and I mean the entire OPI staff.  It was such a great opportunity for me to be able to come to the facility and really learn some great skills that I now put into effect daily without even having to think about it.” ~Kelsey B.

“This is the best decision ever. I can feel it, I can see it, there is a list of my own goals, and you know, this time I know I am not going to the hospital again and putting my life on hold. You coached me how to go to my goals and dreams.” ~Dora V.

Parent Testimonials

“You have been so responsive to my daughter. I feel so confident about the therapist. This has literally changed my entire life.” ~April’s Mother

“We can’t thank you enough for taking a really hard (and honestly sometimes we worried impossible) case and turning her around.  I believe you have saved her life and we just want you to know how immeasurably grateful we are for all your hard work.” ~Olivia’s Parents –  Read the full testimonial.

“I feel incredibly fortunate that Isabel enrolled at the Roanne Program.” ~Isabel’s Mother – Read the full testimonial.

 All names have been changed to protect our participants’ privacy.

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