OPI Implements GeneSight Genetic Testing to Determine Best Psychiatric Medication for Patients

The Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) is one of the first therapeutic programs to offer GeneSight, a breakthrough genetic test that helps determine which psychiatric medications are the most effective and with the least amount of side effects. It’s new hope for patients.   Click HERE to … [Read more...]

The Optimum Performance Institute Provides Clear Path Toward Educational Success Through Expanded Department of Education

To meet growing demand with increased admissions and the needs of young adults for a successful life after attending a mental health treatment program, the Optimum Performance Institute has expanded its department of education to support a more individualized approach to educational development with … [Read more...]

Launch of Borderline Personality Disorder Magazine and Popularity of Healing from BPD Blog Indicate Demand for More Info on BPD

The launch of the new magazine coincides with an increasing public awareness and desire to have more information available about Borderline Personality Disorder. The rapid growth of the HealingFromBPD.org blog site, managed by Debbie Corso and sponsored by the Optimum Performance Institute, confirms … [Read more...]

Roanne Program and Optimum Performance Institute Named Best In Treatment by Psychology Today

The 2013 guide published at a critical time when the state of our mental health system is a topic receiving national attention, and helpful programs and resources like those included are needed now more than ever to support today’s struggling youth. Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) February 20, … [Read more...]

Roanne Program participant Ben Moroski performs self-written play “The Vicious Minute”

“This Vicious Minute,” a revealing autobiographical play written and performed by confessed self-harmer, Ben Moroski, previews in the Hollywood Fringe Festival Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2012 “This Vicious Minute,” a revealing autobiographical play written and performed by confessed … [Read more...]

OPI Responds to Parent and Participant Requests: Changes are Made

JCAHO-accredited Optimum Performance Institute continues its dynamic tradition of rapidly responding to the individualized needs of Young Adults by making significant programming changes to its Roanne Program for Young Adults with Borderline Traits, Borderline Personality Disorder and Co-Occurring … [Read more...]

OPI is Expanding

WOODLAND HILLS, CA The Optimum Performance Institute is growing in more ways than one. OPI nearly doubled its office space and we have welcomed three new members to our OPI Administrative Team. Jessica Breton, MA, and Alisa M. Shapiro, M.A., joined OPI as Licensed Marriage and Family … [Read more...]

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