Help for College Students with Borderline Personality Disorder

Most students want a quality education but quickly discover that earning a college degree can be tough. College applications are grueling and finding classes that fit your schedule & interest can be frustrating. Then, once the semester starts, keeping your attention on books instead of friends … [Read more...]

Helicopter Parenting and Failure to Launch

We all have hopes and dreams for our children. We believe we know what is best for them, and we go out of our way to make it happen. We bend rules, seek guidance, try to find loop holes to make our youngsters “better” than we are – more successful, to have more options, more financing. My mom grew … [Read more...]

Narcissism and BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder is becoming a more popular diagnosis amongst today’s young adults. The mental health field is becoming more aware of symptomotology that reflects the diagnosis and they are becoming more familiar with recognizing the signs. To make diagnosing even more difficult, … [Read more...]

Restoring hope

Many who have been hiding behind learned hopelessness have come to wear an armor, more so than just a mask.  As a therapist, I first have to let my client know I see the armor and honor it.  I validate that, along the way, they believed they needed it in order to protect themselves from real or … [Read more...]

Techniques to Overcome Failure to Launch Syndrome  

Speaking with candor and eloquence, Sarah Lustiger describes how she overcame Failure to Launch Syndrome by finding a passion in life (in Sarah's case, it is music), engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy, and working with a life coach who helped her improve essential life skills. Initially … [Read more...]

Holiday cheer for June

By: Extracurricular Activities Director, Jenna Madeiros Since we're 6 months away from Holiday season and we're feeling the pains of not having those fun time right at our door step, we decided to bring some of that holiday cheer to the summer by recapping some of the fun things we do here at OPI … [Read more...]

Signs of Self-Harm in Young Adults

As a parent, it falls in the category labeled "Worse Nightmares." Cutting, scratching, and other self-injurious behaviors make frightened parents think their kids are contemplating suicide. Self-harm does not necessarily translate to suicidal ideations, but it is a problem that you want to learn how … [Read more...]

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